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Define your future with a CRM

Want to maximize the potential of your customer database? Learn how to keep contacts happy, customers buying with our upcoming free webinar   A great game plan gets you great results. Jibe Cloud Services (Jibe365) will be hosting a second Planning for CRM Success webinar April 5. The non-technical session is an introduction to the [...]

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Great ROI on building a CRM sales culture

Microsoft Dynamics brings strength to every piece of the sales process   For every dollar you invest in a CRM system you get $5.60 back. That’s the finding of Nucleus Research, a Boston-based techno research firm. They key to realizing this growth is to plan your CRM success properly, and understand where your best chances [...]

Implement a Winning CRM Strategy for Success!

Join us for this free Jibe365 webinar and learn what CRM can do for you It’s a very simple. The more efficient your business process, the greater chance you have at reaching your potential. If there’s one acronym you need to know to improve your efficiency, it’s CRM. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software offers the [...]

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Newcomer JibeCRM offers best-in-class customer relationship solutions

New company of Cynergies Solutions Group zeros in on great customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a tool that’s flexible to the needs of any business Cynergies Solutions President Debbie Holy is excited to welcome Jibe Cloud Services (Jibe365) to the Cynergies Solutions Group of companies. “Jibe365 is a natural extension of our work providing [...]

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Robert Wittig joins JibeCRM team

Long-time CRM architect loves challenge of building unique CRM solutions A top-rated CRM architect and developer has joined the Jibe Cloud Solutions (Jibe365) team. Robert Wittig joins the team as CRM practice lead, bringing 12 years of experience in IT solutions and immeasurable experience working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “We very lucky to have [...]

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Today’s CRM data rich and a powerful management tool

Tools for marketing, reporting provide invaluable market intelligence for everyone in your business office The dramatic shift in the buying process means businesses need to have stronger customer data - or get left behind. That's where a proper CRM system becomes critical. Too many customers use an Excel spreadsheet as their customer information file. Trouble [...]

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Make your CRM training count

A great training experience means user adoption, great ROI A CRM can make a tremendous difference to your business culture and your business success. One of the keys to success is successful training of system users. Here’s a list of ideas to support your training and reach the potential ROI of your CRM system. 1.) [...]

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You are Never Alone with Dynamics CRM

Top-flight installation expertise coupled with a great community of users brings out the true potential for return on investment So have you ever bought a computer program? You bring it home. You install it. Sometimes that’s an accomplishment in itself. You start to use it but find it doesn’t quite do what you are looking [...]

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Dynamics CRM a Rich Tool for Everyone

Dynamics CRM can benefit everyone in a workplace There efficiencies and great returns for everyone in a well-developed CRM culture Are you considering implementing a CRM system? Well don’t forget there are multiple uses, and great ROI on the investment, as it benefits staff from many departments of your operation. Here are some of the [...]

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