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Ready to transform your marketing in a short period?

Each year, ClickDimensions releases a new eBook with marketing ideas for Dynamics 365. This year’s edition focuses on thirty ways you can change your marketing in just thirty days. From articles on marketing automation and customer experience to SEO and lead nurturing, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can apply to your own business’s marketing activities.

In this blog post, we are bringing you three of our favorite ideas from the 2018 Edition, with an extra tip from us so that you can better engage, convert, and nurture your target customers.

Let’s get into the transformative marketing ideas:

Marketing Idea #1 – Humanize Your Marketing

People buy from people. Remembering and incorporating a human element into your marketing is key.

Here are some ways ClickDimensions recommends for humanizing your marketing:

  1. Use list segmentation and personalization. Through segmentation, you can create lists around specific characteristics to individualize their experience with your organization. You can send tailored messaging and content to these individuals to help solve their challenges.

Jibe365 Tip: Consider the following characteristics to segment your lists by and create customized campaigns for:

  • Geography
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Industry / organization type
  • Buyer personas
  • Age
  • Job type/role
  1. Think about your audience. Too often, our messaging focuses on product, features, and benefits. To humanize marketing, our focus needs to shift to the audience. The content you share should be helpful and address their needs.
  2. Actively engage in conversations. Don’t let communication be a one-way street. Use social media and social listening tools to see what your target audience and industry influencers are talking about and join the conversation.

Marketing Idea #2 – Avoid the Email Junk Folder

The last place you want your emails to go is to the recipient’s junk folder. Unfortunately, that’s where a lot of marketing-focused emails end up. The good news is that there are things you can pay attention to in order to improve email deliverability and land in your recipient’s inbox before you launch your next email campaign.

Here are a few tips ClickDimensions shared:

  1. Look at your links:
  • Check that all links work and do not lead to a 404 page. Aside from being a poor experience, spam filters will flag your email.
  • Don’t use shortened URLs as you do in your social posts. Spam filters look for these, as they are often used in phishing scams.
  1. Include a text version. ClickDimensions notes that this is one of the easiest things you can do to reduce your spam score. Spam filters and mailbox providers like to see both an HTML and text version.
  2. Review your images:
  • Include alt text on all images in your email, as spam filters check these. What’s more, if the mailbox provider blocks the image content, the recipient is still able to understand what the image is.
  • Watch for the number of images in your email. Too many images will increase your spam score. Find the right balance between text and images.

Jibe365 Tip: Spend time testing your campaign before launching.

Before pressing ‘go’ it is critical to test and then test again.

  • Click on all links, fill out forms, try your call-to-actions.
  • Check out how emails appear across different browsers and on mobile.
  • Ensure that you are collecting the right data and fields are populating correctly so you can report on your results.

Marketing Idea #3 – Go Beyond Email When Using Marketing Automation

While marketing automation and email marketing have become synonymous, marketing automation goes well beyond just email.

Here are a few other ways ClickDimensions suggests to use marketing automation:

  1. Nurture marketing campaigns. Send a series of tailored communications to your prospects or customers. These can include email, SMS messaging, phone calls, and even direct mail. Within your automated program, set decision points to respond to your leads’ actions with messages that correspond to their behavior.
  2. Event Management. Integrate event management systems with your marketing automation platform to provide a powerful tool to connect with your audience and strengthen your relationships.
  3. SMS Messaging: Send SMS messages through your marketing automation platform. SMS messages often experience higher open rates, which makes them ideal if you need to send time-sensitive content. 

Jibe365 Tip: Watch our webinar “From Lead to Loyalty: Using Marketing Automation for Success Throughout the Buying Cycle” to explore additional ways to engage leads through the buyer’s journey. Watch it on-demand here.

Want to get your hands on all thirty ideas? You can find the full eBook here to download.

Are You Familiar with ClickDimensions?

If you’re a Dynamics 365 users, you may already be familiar with ClickDimensions.

ClickDimensions is a SaaS marketing automation solution that embeds features into Dynamics 365. These include email marketing, website intelligence, nurture programs, event management, campaign tracking, and so much more. Marketers can easily create emails, web forms, nurture campaigns, and surveys, as well as access the data collected directly from their Dynamics 365 database.

With native integration into Dynamics, this powerful solution can help you get more out of your Microsoft Dynamics investment. Would you like to see it first-hand? You can schedule a demo of ClickDimensions with us. Contact Patrick Renier at prenier@jibe365.com or 440-525-0245 to get in touch.

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