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According to the Aberdeen Group, it takes an average of 10 marketing-driven “touches” to progress a lead from the top of the funnel to a revenue-generating customer. What’s more, 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales!

This poor performance can be attributed to a lack of lead nurturing, and this is where marketing automation can help. 

What is Marketing Automation? 

Lead nurturing is an ongoing process, and marketing automation should be part of your lead nurturing strategy.


Marketing automation allows businesses to nurture prospects with relevant, personal and timely content that helps to convert prospects into customers. In essence, marketing automation supports your prospects throughout the buyer’s journey across all your marketing channels.

While marketing automation can empower marketing and sales teams, many companies are still hesitant to adopt the platform. This reticence is often linked to myths of what marketing automation is and is not.

If you’re still on the fence about marketing automation, read these three myths and discover why your organization should consider adopting a marketing automation platform.

Myth #1: Marketing automation is the same as email marketing.

Busted: While email is an important component, marketing automation features go well beyond email. Marketers can use marketing automation across multiple channels, such as your website, landing pages, social media, lead generation tactics as well as email to guide new leads through to conversion.

Myth #2: Marketing automation is impersonal.

Busted: Marketing automation and SPAM are not the same. Despite what “automation” implies, marketing automation is great for personalized communications and experiences.

Using a marketing automation platform will allow you to share content and engage with prospects based on who they are and what their interests are – meeting their demand for relevant, personal and timely information.

Myth #3: Marketing automation is too complicated.

Busted: Modern marketing automation systems are designed to be easily used by business users – it’s not just for big businesses. The platform will help streamline workflow while providing ease-of-use and enabling collaboration between sales and marketing.

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