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For Dynamics 365 partners (and users) the D365UG/CRMUG Summit is a must-attend event. Last year, we got the very first look at Dynamics 365 when Microsoft announced the platform’s release during the conference keynote. As a Dynamics partner, this was a major highlight. We got a first-hand look at how Microsoft was evolving Dynamics products and how we could help our customers use this new platform to transform their business.

It goes without saying, we’re excited what this year will bring! From October 10 – 13, we’ll be headed to Nashville to listen to CRM experts and take part in a few of the 180+ training sessions available.

Here are our top three reasons for attending Summit ’17 this year:

1. Training Opportunities for Dynamics 365

There’s always room to learn. Summit ’17 is jam-packed with training opportunities that are specifically designed for job roles from developers and CRM administrators to sales/marketing managers and CRM project owners. There’s something for everyone, and you can customize your conference experience.

Here are a few of the sessions we’re looking forward to:

  • All Things Reporting – Maximize Your CRM Reporting Tool Set
  • Portals for Microsoft Dynamics: New Features, Use Cases and Best Practices
  • What Now? Leading Change for Acceptance & Adoption
  • Women in Dynamics
  • 10 Ways to Take Your Sales and Analytics to the Next Level

2. Making New Connections

Some of the best takeaways happen outside the classroom. Networking, where you can connect on a personal level, is a great way to uncover new ideas and inspire one another.

As a group of Dynamics 365 and CRM enthusiasts, networking with peers and experts presents a great opportunity to share experiences that have helped our customers solve their business problems, but it’s also a chance to discover how others have transformed their business or their customers’ business with CRM.

3. Bringing the Knowledge Back to Our Customers

Overall, the reason we attend conferences is to find new and creative ways to help our customers get real value from their CRM solutions. Whether that value is to improve efficiencies, increase revenues or provide the ability to do something today that they were unable to do yesterday, we can help apply this knowledge in real-time to reach business goals and alleviate some of the challenges our customers face on a daily basis.

Stay tuned for the highlights of Summit ’17 when we return. We’ll share with you our top takeaways from the conference and how you can apply them to your CRM strategy.

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