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Why You Need a Customer Retention Plan

Increasing revenue – it’s a top priority for all organizations. Are you growing your business in the most effective way possible? For many sales teams, improving sales means focusing on customer acquisition rather than retaining the clients they already have. It’s not a secret that keeping existing clients is more cost effective than acquiring new [...]

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Todd Zedak: ‘I’m an evangelist for knowing your customer and connecting to your market.’

Todd Zedak is the CRM Practice Director at Jibe365. Todd is a broad-based IT professional who is deeply passionate about technology and how it improves business practises and performance. We’ve asked him a few questions so you can get to know him better. ------------------------- Why are you so interested in CRM and business tools? I’ve [...]

Great ROI on building a CRM sales culture

Microsoft Dynamics brings strength to every piece of the sales process   For every dollar you invest in a CRM system you get $5.60 back. That’s the finding of Nucleus Research, a Boston-based techno research firm. They key to realizing this growth is to plan your CRM success properly, and understand where your best chances [...]

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