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We’re Sad to Say Goodbye

We started Jibe365 to help our customers build world-class business solutions that take advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Our experience has been beyond enjoyable. We’ve had a lot of fun, worked with great clients, and we’re incredibly proud of our close association with Microsoft. However, as you might imagine, running two companies can [...]

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CRM in 2018: 4 Resolutions for the New Year

CRM technology will continue to evolve in the years to come. What can we expect in 2018? The most prominent advances in CRM technologies will be in how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will help drive personalization and automation to make businesses smarter. The inclusion of AI- and ML-based technologies into CRM systems [...]

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3 Myths About Marketing Automation Busted

According to the Aberdeen Group, it takes an average of 10 marketing-driven “touches” to progress a lead from the top of the funnel to a revenue-generating customer. What’s more, 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales! This poor performance can be attributed to a lack of lead nurturing, and this is where marketing automation [...]

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3 Reasons Why We’re Attending D365UG/CRMUG Summit This Year

For Dynamics 365 partners (and users) the D365UG/CRMUG Summit is a must-attend event. Last year, we got the very first look at Dynamics 365 when Microsoft announced the platform’s release during the conference keynote. As a Dynamics partner, this was a major highlight. We got a first-hand look at how Microsoft was evolving Dynamics products [...]

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5 Cutting Edge Ways to Use CRM in Senior Living Facilities

It’s time to put down the sticky notes and close the excel spreadsheets. For family-owned senior living facilities, paper-based or spreadsheet-based tracking and reporting have become the norm – putting most locations five to six years behind in their technology investments. For many, it’s a matter of playing catch up. However, based on senior population [...]

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Beyond Technology – Why CRM Must Be Part of Your Business Strategy

Too often, companies implement technology as a solution without really understanding the overall picture. What they end up with is the ability to do a couple of new things with some bells and whistles that make day-to-day tasks a little bit more efficient. Over the past ten years I’ve worked with many customers who have taken this approach to CRM implementation and [...]

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6 Ways Customer Service Can Collaborate With Marketing

What can your business do differently today that will improve your customers’ experience? More and more organizations have become laser-focused on unlocking the answer. In the Age of the Customer, marketing is working to find customers to add to the funnel and customer service is working on retaining existing customers. While these departments have often been [...]

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Are You a Follower or a Driver? Understanding the Sales Technology Transformation Curve

The digital world is disrupting how customers buy and the way businesses sell. Today, customers are much more informed, controlling their own buying journey. At the same time, businesses also have more customer data than ever before. There is a huge opportunity for sales leaders to unlock the value of customer data in order to [...]

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Intelligent Customer Service Is the Future

It’s the age of the customer. And customer expectations are high. They anticipate a seamless and consistent customer experience throughout all communication touchpoints with a company. As a result, customer experience is now a top customer service priority. In a Forrester Consulting report titled The Mandate for Intelligent Customer Service, Forrester evaluates how customer service [...]

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4 Ways to Customize Dynamics 365 for Your Business

Adopting a solution for the sake of innovation won’t get you very far. Technology must work for your business. First, though, you must understand your needs, business drivers, goals and desired outcomes in order to build a solution that will fit your organization’s requirements. Success, innovation, and transformation are only possible with solutions that are [...]

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