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What’s New to Dynamics 365 This Spring?

New and enhanced capabilities are coming to Dynamics 365 this spring – and we’re very excited! In March, Microsoft published their Dynamics 365 Spring ’18 Release Notes, which shares more than two hundred pages of descriptions of new services and capabilities available this month (April) for Dynamics 365 users. Drive Your Digital Transformation Forward In [...]

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Is Dynamics 365 the Right CRM for Your Senior Living Facility?

Prior to implementing any technology solution at your senior living facility, it’s important to evaluate how a particular solution will meet your requirements, alleviate challenges, and align with your overall business strategy and goals. CRM has been the answer for many organizations looking to manage their customer relationships, collect customer data, and ultimately drive more [...]

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Don’t Let This Unrecognized Problem Affect Your Business

Every business is striving to find new and better ways to engage with their customers to improve satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Fortunately, technology – like CRM and ERP systems – has helped companies collect, store, and manage customer data to drive new insights for the departments using it. The Unrecognized Problem – A Breakdown in [...]

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The Future is in the Cloud – How About Your CRM Software?

Cloud technology is becoming a staple to an organization’s infrastructure. Today, 70% of businesses have at least one application in the cloud and many are choosing to tackle technology adoption with a cloud-first strategy in place. Choosing to invest in cloud technology is helping companies: Lower total cost of ownership, Replace existing on-premise legacy technology, [...]

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Dynamics 365: Powerful tool built with your business in mind

There are four basic characteristics that went into the creation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the fresh new approach to business productivity tools. By combining the productivity of Office 365, business process apps. Cortana data and intelligence, security and operations management in a cloud solution, Dynamics 365 has the capability to save a business time and [...]

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Dynamics 365: Accelerating your digital transformation

Imagine one business platform with a simple interface that can help build your business by improving productivity, provides customer and business intelligence, is adaptable to your specific needs and feels like it’s been built with your specific mission in mind. That’s what’s Microsoft is providing with the new Dynamics 365, available Nov. 1. It’s a [...]

By | 2017-06-02T06:29:47+00:00 October 14th, 2016|CRM News, Dynamics 365, Jibe365, Microsoft Dynamics|0 Comments
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