3 Ideas to Transform Your Marketing

Ready to transform your marketing in a short period? Each year, ClickDimensions releases a new eBook with marketing ideas for Dynamics 365. This year’s edition focuses on thirty ways you can change your marketing in just thirty days. From articles on marketing automation and customer experience to SEO and lead nurturing, there are plenty of [...]

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How to Become a Social Selling Leader

Business is all about relationships. That hasn’t changed – nor will it. What has changed is the way in which we find information, manage relationships, and get access to the data we need. For sales organizations, social media has reshaped how people sell. Innovations in CRM are transforming an organization’s ability to leverage social platforms [...]

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How to Use Marketing Automation Throughout the Buying Cycle

It’s no surprise – the relationship between buyers and businesses has changed dramatically over time. Customers are doing most of the “legwork” before a business is even aware that the prospect is in need of a solution. This has transformed the roles and responsibilities of marketing and sales. The new buyer’s journey follows five stages: [...]

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6 Ways Customer Service Can Collaborate With Marketing

What can your business do differently today that will improve your customers’ experience? More and more organizations have become laser-focused on unlocking the answer. In the Age of the Customer, marketing is working to find customers to add to the funnel and customer service is working on retaining existing customers. While these departments have often been [...]

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Let’s Get Sales and Marketing Working Together

Do your sales and marketing departments talk? Do they feel like two separate worlds, with their own goals, strategies and ideas on what success looks like? If so, you’re not alone. But if this doesn’t change, you might get left behind. A strong customer relationship management (CRM) system can help you rethink the two department [...]

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Great ROI on building a CRM sales culture

Microsoft Dynamics brings strength to every piece of the sales process   For every dollar you invest in a CRM system you get $5.60 back. That’s the finding of Nucleus Research, a Boston-based techno research firm. They key to realizing this growth is to plan your CRM success properly, and understand where your best chances [...]

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