What to Know Before Beginning a Data Integration Project

There are a lot of good reasons to integrate data between disparate systems.  Integrating data between CRM, ERP, and other lines of business applications can eliminate duplicate data entry, provide key data to users, and help to provide that all-elusive 360-degree view of the customer.  Data integrations can also be used to automate processes which [...]

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Are You a Follower or a Driver? Understanding the Sales Technology Transformation Curve

The digital world is disrupting how customers buy and the way businesses sell. Today, customers are much more informed, controlling their own buying journey. At the same time, businesses also have more customer data than ever before. There is a huge opportunity for sales leaders to unlock the value of customer data in order to [...]

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Why Digital Transformation is About More Than Technology

Digital transformation is top of mind. Every business wants to be a leader in their industry. Ninety percent of businesses anticipate digital disruption, but less than half (44%) believe their organization is prepared.[1] What’s more, it is a race to the top and a winner-takes-all marketplace. According to Ray Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder of [...]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers peek at CRM’s future

Capabilities grow quickly with new cloud integrations When Microsoft announced Dynamics CRM will join Microsoft ERP and become part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 it was just a continuance of Microsoft’s philosophy to offer as many business tools under one platform, one entry point for streamlining a business process and providing ready access to as much [...]

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