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Can you increase “selling” time with a CRM?

Don’t waste time with details when you can drive for new revenue When considering the return on investment of a CRM – customer relationship management system – think about how the system can save you time and money. A study by Pace Productivity suggests a sales rep spends only 23% of their time “selling.” That’s [...]

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Great ROI on building a CRM sales culture

Microsoft Dynamics brings strength to every piece of the sales process   For every dollar you invest in a CRM system you get $5.60 back. That’s the finding of Nucleus Research, a Boston-based techno research firm. They key to realizing this growth is to plan your CRM success properly, and understand where your best chances [...]

You are Never Alone with Dynamics CRM

Top-flight installation expertise coupled with a great community of users brings out the true potential for return on investment So have you ever bought a computer program? You bring it home. You install it. Sometimes that’s an accomplishment in itself. You start to use it but find it doesn’t quite do what you are looking [...]

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