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Every business is striving to find new and better ways to engage with their customers to improve satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Fortunately, technology – like CRM and ERP systems – has helped companies collect, store, and manage customer data to drive new insights for the departments using it.

The Unrecognized Problem – A Breakdown in Communication

A company needs a full picture of their customers – from sales, marketing, and customer service to supply chain information and the financial status of customer accounts. The problem is that no system is handling the entire conversation!

Take this example:

Company ABC has a CRM system to handle sales, marketing, and customer service automation. They also have a system that manages information for the back-end: product planning, inventory management, shipping and delivery, and finance, to name just a few.

But no one is talking to each other. Departments are operating in silos.

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Customer service is not tied to the sales force. Tech support is not tied to engineering. Salesforce activities are not tied to marketing, and likewise, marketing activities are not tied back to the sales force.

The fact that they’re all not talking to each other and don’t perceive that as a problem IS a problem.

However, this problem can be resolved. Here’s how:

A 360o View of Your Customers – Cross-Pollinate Your Teams

We like to call it “cross-pollination.” It is achieved by integrating the various parts of your business’s operations and the data that is generated. It allows people to do a better job for customers because the right information is in front of them at the right time.

Imagine the opportunities you open up for your businesses when you unearth more information about what’s going on with customers and enable cross-pollination between all customer touch-points.

This is why we’re excited to bring Dynamics 365 to you.

By using an intelligent platform like Dynamics 365 along with our expertise, your business can connect the front-end to the back-end of your sales conversation to automate and interconnect your business processes, and integrate the conversations and data across multiple departments, to truly transform your operations.

If you’d like to learn more about this unrecognized business problem and how partnering with a Dynamics 365 expert can revitalize your business processes, we welcome you to read our eBook – How an Intelligent Business Platform Will Rock Your Business.

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