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Do your sales and marketing departments talk? Do they feel like two separate worlds, with their own goals, strategies and ideas on what success looks like?

If so, you’re not alone. But if this doesn’t change, you might get left behind.

A strong customer relationship management (CRM) system can help you rethink the two department strategies and ensure everyone’s in line with goals, strategy – and understand what the other is trying to accomplish.

Consider what John Lindquist of Click Dimensions suggested recently in a Jibe365 webinar. You can watch the webinar here:

Too often, sales thinks:

  • Marketing wastes money
  • Marketing avoids being measured
  • Marketing wastes money
  • Marketing thinks selling is easy

Too often marketing thinks:

  • Sales raids marketing’s budget
  • Sales does not approach good leads
  • Sales ignores marketing strategy
  • Sales only sells what’s easy to sell

But what if:

  • Sales saw a definite return on marketing investment
  • Leads generated were qualified and actionable, with a plan of attack
  • You had a single source of information, identifying the activity leading to lead qualification and identifying the activity taken to pursue the sale.

Think about it. Both departments are joined at the hip in the new world selling process.

Click Dimensions is a tool native to Microsoft Dynamics CRM which helps you build a customer reach process, while capturing all customer data, identifying prospects and leads while keeping current customers engaged.

It provides extended web intelligence including social discovery, includes email marketing, the ability to build a nurture marketing plan, provides campaign tracking, automates your lead scoring, and more.

Marketing strategies executed within your CRM through Click Dimensions are defined, repeatable, with the results measurable. Simply put, it’s easy to see what lead generation strategy works and what does not.

This builds confidence in a sales staff. For instance if a sales person is assigned a lead – and they know the lead has (for instance) come to the company website three times looking for specific information, it’s far from a shot in the dark.

For the marketing team, they can adjust as they need, measuring the messaging that gets best results.

This is the new world of sales. It’s said 70% if the buying decision is made before a customer reaches out to a sales person. That necessitates marketing coming up with plans to capture the early attention of a purchaser. And that marketing plan becomes a critical component of today’s sales process.

Your marketing team really is part of your sales team. And when the two traditional departments work as one it opens the door to new possibilities and exciting potential for results.

Jibe Cloud Services (Jibe365) is a Microsoft Partner and a Cynergies Solutions Group company focused on helping our customers achieve a world-class business solutions that reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes that nurture customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. For more on Jibe365 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM please email info@Jibe365.com

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