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Solution Envisioning

The key to any good implementation is understanding the business drivers and the goals behind them. At Jibe365 we work with you to achieve this in the Solutions Envisioning phase. The requirements you have, the processes you use, and the infrastructure you support are used to architect a solution to deliver a system that fits your needs and achieves your goals. The information gathered in this phase leads to a high-level implementation plan defining timelines and deliverables.

User Adoption

During User Adoption, we suggest that users receive the basic “How To” overview to accomplish critical tasks. As mastery of the day to day basics is achieved, it is highly recommended to consider advanced training to take Dynamics 365 to levels that are only limited by imagination.

Jibe365 will help you tap into the more advanced features to get even more from your investment. The opportunity to grow your business and increase your customer loyalty will increase as your team of users takes advantage of everything Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer.

Solution Implementation

Jibe365 takes a phased approach to implementing solutions that deliver the specific results you require. We manage every detail to keep projects on time and on budget while achieving the scope you desire. With our proven processes and methodologies along with our experience you can have confidence in our ability to deliver solutions exceeding your expectations.

  • Develop a phased implementation approach
  • Configure the solution to fit your business process
  • Define user roles and set up appropriate security
  • Tailor solutions that align with company goals
  • Data migration and integration
  • Performance and User Acceptance Testing


We help users get the most out of 365~ adoption increases your ROI

  • Jibe365 offers options for user training.
  • Whether it is training your team, or training the trainer, the sooner we have your team fully utilizing the system, the quicker you will reach your return on investment goals.
  • Jibe365 customizes user orientation to fit your company’s needs, helping users become a champion of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system instead of feeling frustrated and relying on old habits.
  • We can customize this user orientation based on a particular job or department, making sure everyone using the system gets the most out of the technology.


Our Mission is Customers For Life. With that, know that your system can be as Dynamic as your business. When you need us, we will be here for you to help you get the most out of your investment.

  • Promote end user adoption and day-to-day proficiency
  • Improve workflow to get the most value out of 365
  • Support IT in managing your Dynamics 365 instance
  • Periodic Health Checks of your system and alert you with new features and functionality
  • Suggest add-ons to improve ROI of your sales and marketing technologies

Jibe365’s Technical Support programs allow you to focus on running your business in the most efficient and effective way and we will be there to tailor your system to maximize those processes. We offer a variety of options to support your evolving business by offering value based suggestions to gain even more efficiencies.

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