The Jibe about Jibe365

What’s in a name? A lot. A name is your signature, your brand and your story. If you get the name right, you can say a lot about yourself – and often the company you keep – in simply a couple of words.

What do you think about when you think about Azure? You probably think Microsoft. How about when someone mentions Dynamics? You probably think Microsoft. And Office365? Ditto. Names are powerful stuff.

For us at Jibe Cloud Services, we have been a Microsoft partner, working with Microsoft for a long time. We are incredibly proud of our close association with Microsoft, our commitment to the Microsoft Dynamics platform and the success our customers enjoy when they choose us to work with.

We felt like we wanted our name to reflect that.

That is why, beginning now, our company name is Jibe365.

Jibe is about changing course, finding the favorable wind and going in the right direction. It is also about connecting – when two people jibe, there is a spark that allows them to create something better.

Adding Jibe and 365 together is simply a matter of letting you know that we are jibing with Microsoft  – 365 days a year. Always on, always available, always ahead of the pack. At Jibe365 we will help you chart the right course, follow the favorable winds, and take a journey that will let you transform and lead your company into better waters and toward bountiful shores.

Stop worrying about where the cloud will take you and your business and start jibing with us – Jibe365.

For the latest up to date info on Microsoft Dynamics 365, contact Patrick Renier at or 440-565-0245.

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