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Build your CRM to suit your unique business process

It’s not really about the software.

It’s about managing business relationships.

So when you’re thinking of integrating a CRM system into your business process, start with the human equation, rather than getting mired in the techno-babble surrounding a computer system.

In preparation for customer relationship management (CRM) adoption, take these three steps. They’ll give you a clear vision of the future – before you even speak to an IT person.

Priority Planning – It’s all about relationships, not something called a CRM. So bring your key stakeholders in your business process together, and talk about customer relationships. What are the needs of each department? Each individual? What information is important to capture related to a customer. What financial knowledge? Key dates? Contract commitments?

With a clear idea of the needs of those within your business process, you can develop your CRM to capture or record those necessities.

Process review – So you have a need for information – and you may be surprised just how much data is essential to make the right decisions with any individual prospect, lead or customer.

Where is that data now? How well is your data presently kept and recorded? What reporting are you able to extrapolate from that data? Do you really need it? Does your current process give everybody access to the data everyone needs?  What is the relationship between the keeper of the data and those who might also benefit from it?

Priority planning and process review sometimes can be painful. Often it can be enlightening. It gives you the opportunity to identify duplicated practises. It often shows inefficiencies which cost your company time and money. It can lead to harmony among different departments as you get to know the needs of others – what’s critical and what’s not.

Project Design – With all this data about your own business now exposed, you can design what you’d like to see in your business process. Map it out. Draw diagrams. Show who needs access to what, at what stage of the business practise.

When you can show a clear business process, it becomes a roadmap for the developer of your CRM system. Most importantly it becomes a repeatable process from your first customer touches to customer service.  The flexibility of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets you build a system that’s specific to the unique needs of your business.

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