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Tools for marketing, reporting provide invaluable market intelligence for everyone in your business office

The dramatic shift in the buying process means businesses need to have stronger customer data – or get left behind.

That’s where a proper CRM system becomes critical.

Too many customers use an Excel spreadsheet as their customer information file. Trouble is, reporting is limited, customer information is not secure and there’s limited ability to marry customer service, financial and other critical customer information to customer profiles. None of that addresses the need for automated customer touch and marketing directly from your database.

A CRM system – or customer relationship management system – keep contact records straight, continually growing with new customer information. It sets up a salesforce for consistent customer contact and builds in the ability to reach contacts with regular, appropriate information.

While having strong customer records is essential, reaching out at the right time is essential too.
Upwards of seventy per cent of the buying process is complete before your rep even receives a call. Prospects do product or competitive research through basic Internet searches. That means companies need to be online proving their expertise sooner and providing product information in ways they can be easily found.

Traditionally CRM systems have been considered bulky and a tough sell on sales reps who just see it as an administrative task of putting information into a system. But a more sophisticated understanding of how better customer data from one streamlined source throughout a company can lead to more actual sales time, helps turn a sales rep into a believer. Add-ons that allow for gamification and incentives based on multilayered results make it a lucrative proposition too.

Some CRM systems offer little flexibility to the purchasing company. The advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the ability to customize to meet the needs of the customer. And when the direction of the business change, so too can the CRM, providing new business intelligence and reporting structure to meet new goals.

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