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Top-flight installation expertise coupled with a great community of users brings out the true potential for return on investment

So have you ever bought a computer program? You bring it home. You install it. Sometimes that’s an accomplishment in itself. You start to use it but find it doesn’t quite do what you are looking for after all. It can be awfully quiet as you try to decipher what you should do next.

Simply put, when installing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM System you are never alone.

A good partner of course will install the system, with specification to maximize the benefit to your individual company. There’s no out of the box about it.

With that of course comes well-established onboarding practises for staff and everyone gets a clear understanding of what the system is empowered to do when up and running.

A good consultant will offer a free assessment of your business and let you know how you can benefit most effectively, before you even make your buying decision.

Don’t forget, Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems are found throughout your community. In fact, there’s an international network of user groups that can be found at CRMUG. Local chapters are available throughout North America where CRM users compare notes on best practises, new valuable add-on tools, share information and technical knowledge and frankly just get together as a community of people with the same drive in mind – capitalizing on the great power of the CRM system.

User group meetings often feature qualified experts on topics related to the CRM. It could be add on tools like Click Dimensions for social marketing or InsideView, for market intelligence. There is a plethora of possibilities that expand the CRM in any direction your business needs for it to be most efficient.

Through user group meetings, members build bonds with others employing the system in other organizations and businesses. That fresh set of expertise on a problem or to answer a question is invaluable.

One of the best aspects can be case studies by terrific best-in-class users. Often there are presentations that take the CRM in new directions that make user group members salivate to employ the same tactics. In that sense, it becomes an open community of users employing great methods to expand their abilities and streamline office processes.

On the Jibe365 website you’ll find case studies of how Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems have been deployed and examples of the great return experienced by users to their business.

Whether you are an organization needing a dynamic database for member relations or a business looking to meet a global marketplace, Jibe365 can offer personal-to-your-business assessment of your needs. For more information go to or email

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