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4 Ways to Customize Dynamics 365 for Your Business

Adopting a solution for the sake of innovation won’t get you very far. Technology must work for your business. First, though, you must understand your needs, business drivers, goals and desired outcomes in order to build a solution that will fit your organization’s requirements. Success, innovation, and transformation are only possible with solutions that are [...]

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Dynamics 365: Powerful tool built with your business in mind

There are four basic characteristics that went into the creation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the fresh new approach to business productivity tools. By combining the productivity of Office 365, business process apps. Cortana data and intelligence, security and operations management in a cloud solution, Dynamics 365 has the capability to save a business time and [...]

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Dynamics 365: Accelerating your digital transformation

Imagine one business platform with a simple interface that can help build your business by improving productivity, provides customer and business intelligence, is adaptable to your specific needs and feels like it’s been built with your specific mission in mind. That’s what’s Microsoft is providing with the new Dynamics 365, available Nov. 1. It’s a [...]

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Todd Zedak: ‘I’m an evangelist for knowing your customer and connecting to your market.’

Todd Zedak is the CRM Practice Director at Jibe365. Todd is a broad-based IT professional who is deeply passionate about technology and how it improves business practises and performance. We’ve asked him a few questions so you can get to know him better. ------------------------- Why are you so interested in CRM and business tools? I’ve [...]

Build better customer service with CRM equipment profiles

We all think of a CRM (customer relationship management) system as a database of customer information. Consider the detail that goes into a customer or contact profile. You’ve got basics, like name, company info, contacts and even personal notes. Take the same concept of detail and think about how you can use it to build [...]

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Do you have a repeatable sales process?

Here’s the bottom line: Can you tell how close to buying each and every one of your prospects, leads and clients are in the sales process? Do you know the size of your pipeline and can forecast your future? Do you have a defined step-by-step strategy for reaching out to your leads, prospects and clients, [...]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers peek at CRM’s future

Capabilities grow quickly with new cloud integrations When Microsoft announced Dynamics CRM will join Microsoft ERP and become part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 it was just a continuance of Microsoft’s philosophy to offer as many business tools under one platform, one entry point for streamlining a business process and providing ready access to as much [...]

Three steps to sales management success

Build your CRM to suit your unique business process It’s not really about the software. It’s about managing business relationships. So when you’re thinking of integrating a CRM system into your business process, start with the human equation, rather than getting mired in the techno-babble surrounding a computer system. In preparation for customer relationship management (CRM) [...]

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Let’s Get Sales and Marketing Working Together

Do your sales and marketing departments talk? Do they feel like two separate worlds, with their own goals, strategies and ideas on what success looks like? If so, you’re not alone. But if this doesn’t change, you might get left behind. A strong customer relationship management (CRM) system can help you rethink the two department [...]

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