What is handicap in betting football

The sheer variety of open betting markets usually confuses beginner bettors. Well, bookmakers offer a lot of variations on how to bet your money. Over time, everything will fall into place for you, but for now, you need to systematically deal with each type of possible bet.

Today we will talk about handicaps in betting football. Perhaps you have already bet on the simple principle of 1X2 or even/odd, it is time to deal with artificial advantage in the score or handicap – in other words.

The main concept

Explanatory dictionaries explain to us that a handicap is called equalizing chances when teams compete with a significant difference in potential. This operation can be performed in two ways:

  • adjustment of the final account in any direction;
  • adding other indicators, for example, playing time for one of the parties.

When it comes to football, it is precisely the numerical handicap in goals scored and conceded that is meant.

The handicap can concern both the favorites of the game and the teams that are predicted to lose in a future meeting. With the help of a handicap, bookmakers make betting odds more attractive. The owners of the totalizator strive to ensure that the process of online betting on the results of sports events brings pleasure to customers because the betting business as a whole rests on the constancy of the game of many of them.

Betting on football matches with a handicap is quite similar to the classic 1X2 predictions but with its peculiarity. Quotes on the websites of bookmakers look quite familiar if you move on to betting with a handicap. Only near the name of each of the teams, you can see the numerical designation of the handicap, which can have a negative or positive value. By the way, for a certain team, it can be zero if the handicap is set only for the opponent.

How to use it in football?

Three types of handicaps can be involved in the betting process:

  • A positive handicap is assigned in favor of a weak team to increase the likelihood of its victory, and therefore – its winning.
  • Negative Handicap – A minus handicap can be assigned to the favorite team to slightly equalize the chances for a weaker opponent.
  • Zero – sometimes this value may be reflected or not mentioned at all. This means that the game is played at the specified coefficient without reference to the handicap.

The calculation of handicap betting results is simple, just like for simple 1X2 predictions. For example, you bet €100 and the handicap odds were “-2” for the favorite. But the outsider was weaker, and as a result, the team leading in the ranking won with a score of 4-0. The handicap was overcome, and the bet was played. The set coefficient, taking into account the handicap, was 1.8, which means that your winnings will be: 100 euros x 1.88 = 188 euros.

If this seems a little complicated to you right now, don’t worry. As soon as you start to develop playing practice, everything will become clear. Football handicap betting is no more difficult than usual, you just need to learn how to keep in mind the handicap that the organizers set.

The main types of bets on football with a handicap

There are two broad categories of how you can bet money on the outcome of a handicap football match: European and Asian. Let’s take a closer look at how they differ from each other.

Asian Football Handicap

Here the odds are given in decimal fractions and reducing the match to a draw does not imply a win. When it is not possible to determine the winner of the match, taking into account the established handicap, the bet in the Asian Handicap is considered not to have won. The money is simply returned to the players, offering to make another choice.

European Football Handicap

It is more suitable for the classic designation 1X2 because a draw here is also counted as a result. You can even bet initially at the end of the game without a winner. The value of the handicap in European football sweepstakes is indicated in whole numbers, no fractions!


Now you know how you can bet 1X2 with more interesting odds – you just need to use the handicap betting market. A couple of practical exercises will put you in full order regarding this concept.

We can only advise you not to bet solely on the matches of your favorite team, check out the full line of events. Often other matches can offer better odds, choose the best one for you!

What does handicap mean in basketball betting

A handicap in the bookmaker’s sense is a type of bet that implies the creation of a special advantage (or, on the contrary, a lag) of one team from another. A handicap in football is determined by goals scored, in tennis – by games played, in hockey battles – by goals scored, etc. To determine if your bet has won, you simply need to add or subtract the handicap value from the final result of the game.

In this short article, we will analyze the use of the handicap in basketball betting. When we touch on this concept, we traditionally mean the handicap of the team that is considered the favorite of the game. The team that is considered the underdog receives a slight marginal advantage.

Thus, a certain handicap is created, equalizing the chances of teams in the eyes of the player. The favorite has a more difficult task, because to win he needs to overcome the established handicap, and this is not always possible.

What does the use of a handicap give?

Why give these odds to an outsider at all, why not just assess the chances of the teams and set the appropriate quotes? Such questions, logically, come to the mind of anyone who first encounters this concept.

The explanation is quite simple: the use of a handicap allows you to apply more balanced odds per game, which means making betting more attractive in terms of possible profit. If the handicap were not taken into account at all, the quotes for the victory of a clear favorite would simply be negligible and would not be able to interest the audience in significant coverage.

How does the classic basketball handicap work?

All markets available for money betting are also open for handicap bets. For example, a handicap with a value of 2.5 will make it possible for the bet to work if, at the end of the game, the score between the teams differs by 3 points or more. Sometimes bookmakers accept bets on a draw, taking into account the handicap. In this case, the handicap will be calculated in whole numbers.

Consider an illustrative example of calculating a bet with a handicap in basketball

According to the conditions, the favorite must win, taking into account the handicap set at 3 points. If the game ends, for example, with a score of 78:75 in his favor, the outcome of the bet will be a draw, i.e. 78: 78 (75 + 3).

Winning a handicap bet on a tie is rarely counted and only in European basketball. Asian bookmakers prefer in this case to simply cancel the bet and return the money to the players.

By accepting a bet with a handicap, the bookmaker gives the favorite of the game a conditional advantage. In basketball, this method usually adds a certain number of points in favor of the weak side. At the end of the game, these conditional points will be added to the real result on the scoreboard, and the final score will be calculated taking them into account.

Basketball handicap bets are accepted on three possible outcomes:

  • the victory of one of the teams;
  • draw result;
  • loss of the favorite or outsider of the game.

As one of the possible options, you can use the handicap on the favorite, thereby supporting the weaker team. You create additional conditions for the victory of the team, which is considered to be stronger in the upcoming match.

Otherwise, you can bet with a handicap on a weaker opponent. For example, the handicap value will be 4.5 balls. If the losing team is defeated with a score, for example, 81: 78 (the difference is only 3 goals), then the loss under the terms of the bet will not be counted. And you will receive your well-deserved cash prize.

A draw, which can be subject to handicap betting in European basketball, is also settled with a handicap.

What are the alternatives for handicap betting

If you do not want to bet money on the outcome of basketball matches with a handicap in favor of one of the teams, just turn your attention to something else. For example, on bets like “total” over / under. In this case, bettors’ forecasts are accepted both for the final result, for half of the game, and each quarter of the meeting.

In addition to teams, even individual players can participate in over/under bets. For example, you can bet your money on the fact that LeBron James will score over 32.5 points in the next game of the Los Angeles Lakers.

How to make money in betting without losing

Each of us wants to improve our efficiency, no matter what business we do. And betting was no exception here, because in addition to the simple satisfaction of winning and sports passion, it is able to give us good income.

So how not to lose money in the process of betting? If you want an honest answer, here it is: just don’t play ever. This is the only 100% option to avoid financial losses. But if you still want to bet and win, we can give you a couple of smart tips that are guaranteed to increase your efficiency in this matter. So, let’s get down to specifics.

Analyze information from professionals

On the net you can find a lot of tips from privateers who share information with us and make professional forecasts. Often the activities of these enthusiasts are really useful. But here another question arises: how to distinguish really sensible advisers from amateurs and impostors who can only do harm?

Only the practice of observation and personal experience can give you a real answer. Observe, analyze, study the success of this or that marque. We can advise you to pay attention to the Tipstrr website, where forecast lovers have gathered.

This resource provides good opportunities for tips and analytics tipsters – this is the name of sports advisers registered on this site. By studying the contents of this resource, you will be able to:

  • trace the real success story of each of the tipsters;
  • get acquainted with the statistics of their forecasts, reviews, rating;
  • use comparison table tools;
  • use special filters to help you find advisers that suit your needs.

In any case, it certainly doesn’t hurt to study the opinions of people who seek advice on a professional level. An important advantage of the Tipstrr site is that its residents are simply forced to share good and correct betting recommendations, because otherwise they simply will not be able to get new subscribers and move up in the rankings of the resource. The site, of course, is trying to make money on its content by offering paid subscriptions, but a huge amount of material is also available in free mode.

Another way to take advantage of analytical and statistical data in predictions is to watch resources, which display information about past and future matches, as well as the potential outcomes of future games.

Such databases for storing and processing data include:

  • Zcode Scores Predictor – an algorithm that includes processing more than 80 components before the game in order to give the most accurate prediction;
  • RebelBetting is a digital online tool that will help you compare the odds of teams ahead of an important match;
  • PlayThePercentage – this algorithm for calculating the future result is based on statistics.

Using these systems for analytics will allow you to significantly speed up this process. Imagine that all the necessary information is at your fingertips, no need to shovel mountains of tables of national championships and international tournaments. All data is collected, sorted, categorized according to existing filters and is waiting for your attention and evaluation. Forward to knowledge!

Choose the best odds

Of course, bookmaker quotes are roughly similar to each other, the differences are not too significant. But we are faced with the task of becoming successful bettors, which means extracting the maximum profit from sports betting.

Therefore, it is important to bet with those bookmakers that give the best reward for the correct prediction. For example, the RebelBetting online toolkit mentioned above can process offers from hundreds or even thousands of bookmakers in a few seconds, you just need to form the right request.

Selecting your own to the maximum is the motto of a true professional bettor. If you plan to implement long-term game strategies, every extra cent will not be superfluous. Choose the most favorable odds and make predictions with these bookmakers. But it is worth paying attention to whether a commission is charged on the winnings. Even a small amount, for example, 2%, can significantly change the overall picture. You need to compare only similar indicators.

Brief summary

These two recommendations will definitely help you become more successful in betting. The main thing is not to get carried away with the game too much, it should not come to the fore in your life.

Nigeria Sports Betting

The prospects of the Nigerian betting market can hardly be overestimated. The country has a population of 230 million, many of whom are passionate about sports. At the same time, a significant part of the people living here can be classified as young people who are well-versed in gadgets, the Internet, and modern digital technologies. In addition, the English language is widespread in the country, which makes Nigerian bettors’ access to the world’s bookmakers’ websites easier and more feasible.

The owners of online sweepstakes did not wait for Nigerian players to come to them but went ahead of the curve. Almost all major world offices have already opened their virtual representative offices in this country. Now Nigerians can place bets in a comfortable environment, taking into account the specifics of their home state.

The development of the betting business is also facilitated by the fact that this activity is not illegal or criminal in Nigeria. You only need to have an official registration of the gaming platform, and then get a license to operate from the National Commission of the country. The permit may be issued within one state or valid throughout Nigeria.

As illustrative examples, we will look at several sites that are actively operating in the Nigerian sports betting market. Their owners are national and international companies, and the resources they administer have already proven themselves as reliable and stable gaming platforms.


Major global betting agent based in Nigeria. The company’s website can delight its visitors with an excellent selection of sporting events. Every day there are more than 1000 matches and competitions available, on the results of which you can bet money. All popular sports and the leading world championships are represented here.

The 1XBET gaming platform is not just about betting. There is also here:

  • virtual slots available for online players;
  • games in the video broadcast mode – Live mode;
  • eSports competitions are a popular direction in modern betting;
  • lotteries, action games, and 1XBET-branded arcades.

The site presents good opportunities for analytics of matches. Lots of stats are here. The bookmaker offers various programs to encourage new and experienced players, including welcome bonuses, cashback, etc.


And this is an example of a site that is developed by “Nigerians for Nigerians”. At least, this is how the famous betting reviewer Leye Ayodele described it. The service has been available for several years and has gained a large army of users.

Here, too, there are casino games, including a real presence mode, when the broadcast is carried out through the transmission of live high-definition video. An interesting feature is the E-Sports computer competitions that are held within the platform. This is a software imitation of powerful tournaments, for example, the World Cup. Bets on these games are accepted in the same way as for real physical competitions.

The bookmaker gives a generous welcome bonus of 100% of the amount of your first deposit, and also allows you to use the Cash Out option – so players can save part of their funds in the event of an unfavorable course of a sporting event.

Surebet 247

Another national site focused primarily on the Nigerian domestic market. The organizers have provided several convenient options so that users can replenish their accounts and withdraw money quickly and without any problems.

Surebet 247 provides its clients with the following opportunities:

  • to bet on sports in pre-match and live mode – a huge selection of sporting events is presented here;
  • play classic casino games and spin the reels of the virtual slots;
  • tempt fate in lotteries;
  • to make predictions on the outcomes of virtual cyber tournaments.

Not only is there a rich welcome bonus that can be worth up to NGN 150,000, but there is also an occasional 1 million Naira sports jackpot draw!


The owners of this site decided to focus on betting specialization and did not add casino features to the platform. The resource is considered professional and is valued among bettors all over the world. Nigerian players have access to a wide range of sports events, good game odds, various bonus programs, and cashback.

Cash Out is also available here, which will help save some of the funds in the event of an unsuccessful development of events in the game. The BetKing administration has received several licenses in the country and officially operates in several states of Nigeria. The organizers have set themselves an ambitious task to develop the service, providing a royal level of service for each participant.

We have briefly mentioned only 4 of the many betting sites that are present in the country. The development prospects of the betting market are very good, the audience of bookmakers in Nigeria is only growing every da