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Imagine one business platform with a simple interface that can help build your business by improving productivity, provides customer and business intelligence, is adaptable to your specific needs and feels like it’s been built with your specific mission in mind.

That’s what’s Microsoft is providing with the new Dynamics 365, available Nov. 1.

It’s a set of all-encompassing business apps built around the Dynamics CRM customer relationship management platform.

We’ve all thought of a CRM system as a customer information and contact tool. Gradually through time, platforms like Dynamics CRM have added abilities, which provide, marketing, business intelligence, customer service and other valuable benefits, bringing together many components of your business process together under one roof so-to-speak.

But now, with Dynamics 365, there’s further flexibility still, as business capabilities are broken further into apps, letting you build the tool that’s right for you at the moment, with the ability for seamless expansion when you require further capabilities.

In Takeshi Numoto, Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Cloud and Enterprise’s own words, Dynamics 365 is “our new cloud service with purpose-built apps that enable you to address specific business needs (like sales automation, operations or customer service) and start small with the assurance that the solution can grow as your needs do.”

Because these apps are Microsoft created or developed from the greater tech community with Microsoft specific deployment, it means the whole suite of business tools provides for seamless transition. Essentially, why employ three, four, five or more business programs that don’t talk to each other, when there’s a trusted brand solution that provides seamless integration for all your various business needs?

Maybe the best way to describe it is this: We all know about Microsoft Word. It’s great as an individual tool, however, Microsoft Office is a more powerful multi-taking package with the addition of Excel, Powerpoint and other tools.

Well today’s Dynamics 365, with the functionality of an incredible number of apps built around the Dynamics CRM platform is a natural step forward for the customer relationship management world. And, with so many other business systems Microsoft was in a great position to create a Dynamics365 package.

This means better productivity. This means ease of use. And in true CRM sense, it means greater sharing of information and warehousing of critical data – all available through a single platform.

It means a great step forward, provided by Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights. That’s an analytics app which analyses data from source such as ERP, CRM, social, web others to provide a 36-degree customer view. It even provides suggestions for better customer engagement.

Dynamics365 becomes available Nov. 1. At Jibe365.com, however, we can give you more detail and point you to great functionality – showing you specifically how the suite of tools can specifically benefit your business process and your business mission.

For the latest up to date info on Microsoft Dynamics 365, contact Patrick Renier at prenier@jibe365.com or 440-565-0245. www.jibe365.com

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