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Dynamics CRM can benefit everyone in a workplace

There efficiencies and great returns for everyone in a well-developed CRM culture

Are you considering implementing a CRM system? Well don’t forget there are multiple uses, and great ROI on the investment, as it benefits staff from many departments of your operation.

Here are some of the potential stakeholders who would enjoy your new CRM system

1.) C-level executives – C-Level executives are bottom-line driven. If they can be shown just how a CRM system can efficiently manage your customer contact process or your sales process, saving the business time and money along the way, it’s a big deal. And by the way, none of that captures the added revenues, potential new contacts for your organization database or customer service satisfaction – elements that make up the key measures of success for the organization.

2.) Customer service teams – Imagine that database where you record all customer interactions good and bad. You can reflect back on activity, note specific customer patterns, and understand when a customer has complained enough they’d be a threat to depart doing business with you. Furthermore, it provides that record for other stakeholders to understand the full extent of customer transactions within your business.

3.) Marketing teams – Marketing teams love a CRM because it provides the database and can be set to create segmented lists for specific marketing contacts. Whether it be email blasts or other key information, a CRM can let you target who you want, when you want with the right information. Oh, and don’t forget the opportunity to understand click through rates and what works and what doesn’t get response amid your marketing materials.

4.) IT teams – IT teams like a time-proven CRM system like Dynamics CRM because of its flexibility when called upon to create new reporting functions or adding new vendor services. And then there’s the ample experience in the field, user groups, and qualified available support when needed to. Whether it’s support or system development, this CRM meets the demands for system flexibility placed upon an IT staff,

5.) Sales teams – A sales person knows there’s great success that comes with building a great relationship with a prospect, lead or client. The amount of data available to a sales person, whether it’s instant records of a company’s interaction, or business intelligence from the web and social sources, means a sales person can build a well-rounded profile of a contact. Plus, the ability to offer the right information available whether it’s marketing materials or pricing models, or even a necessary check with accounting saves great time in the sales cycle.

This is just the start of the benefits to an entire team using a strategically planned, well-developed CRM system. You can use a host of different products to perform many of these functions individually; however, having all the functionality in one package makes work life simpler and more efficient. And that doesn’t even reflect the synergies of having your whole team working together using common information in a repeatable process.

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