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A great training experience means user adoption, great ROI

A CRM can make a tremendous difference to your business culture and your business success. One of the keys to success is successful training of system users. Here’s a list of ideas to support your training and reach the potential ROI of your CRM system.

1.) Different needs – Remember, different staff have different needs within the CRM system, so don’t train generically. IT needs technical training. The users will need end-user training, an administrator needs more technical training. Management members need more emphasis on reporting and keeping the system progressing with business needs.

2.) Group size – Don’t go beyond about 15 people in a training module if you can avoid it. It keeps the setting intimate and it allows supporting IT staff to wander and recognize if any individual is having trouble working the system.

3.) Experience matters – Find a trainer with end user experience. Simply having a technician explain it won’t help when you talk about rational for the practical application. But by all means have the technical support present for training. The IT support is invaluable as a resource to walk around the training room and identify when someone is in need working the system.

4.) Build a buddy system – Understand who are your more savvy staff being trained and set up a buddy system where someone with some affinity and skill can work with someone who will have a few more challenges. No one is in this alone and by pairing folks, there’s always support at hand.

5.) Make it an event – Have fun with training. Set milestones and celebrate even in a short training session. Build short and long-term rewardable goals based on CRM use. Who had the first totally correct customer information entered? Who input valuable notes about their client that other might benefit from hearing? Pull your group together with lots of motivation built on successes relatable to your CRM.

6.) Better, stronger – A great training experience will also help pinpoint slight alterations to the system as it’s set up that work better given the best workflow or best practises of the workplace. And those who contribute feel ownership for the end result.

7.) Always offer other resources – In any learning group, there are individuals who thrive and thirst for more. Make sure resources are available in off-training hours for staff to improve their performance and get to know the system even better.

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