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Capabilities grow quickly with new cloud integrations

When Microsoft announced Dynamics CRM will join Microsoft ERP and become part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 it was just a continuance of Microsoft’s philosophy to offer as many business tools under one platform, one entry point for streamlining a business process and providing ready access to as much business data as it can under a cloud platform.

“We imagine a better world for business users everywhere,” wrote Takeshi Numoto, Microsoft VP of Cloud and Enterprise, in a blog announcing the creation of Microsoft 365.

“One where you can track leads, automate field service, drive sales and improve operations using modern, mobile, enterprise-ready intelligent business apps from the cloud that are as easy to use as the consumer apps that help us all get rides, book rooms, listen to music and take actions to improve our health,” he added.

5 Important benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Brings greater built-in insights, predictive intelligence and workflow automation to CRM users.
  • Integrates with Office 365.
  • Create more of a one-platform opportunity with all-encompassing business tools
  • Creates and environment where Microsoft can change and upgrade products with ease, with all tools accessing a cloud environment
  • Allows customers to specifically pick integrated tools that best benefit their business

Tailoring a CRM build to the specific needs of a business has always been a strength of Microsoft CRM – this simply builds on and extends strength to new capabilities.

When Microsoft partners met in Toronto recently, CEO Satya Nadella made it clear digital transformation and building new capabilities for business, social and personal success were key to Microsoft’s future.

“And let’s be clear – digital transformation won’t happen with another bolted-on cloud app or a giant implementation of monolithic and closed business application packages that take half a decade to customize and deploy, and another for employees to begrudgingly learn how to use,” wrote Nadella in a LinkedIn post written during the conference.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration is expected to be available this fall.

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