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Time spent driving CRM user adoption worth it


Drive user adoption.

That’s clearly the number one way to make the most of your new CRM system according to a study by Forrester Research Inc.

CRM decision makers were asked what were the highest contributing factors to success and based on a poll of 58 users who were allowed to provide multiple answers, 66 per cent suggested user adoption as key to CRM success.

How do you do that?

It all comes back to proper planning of your CRM deployment.

The first step in a CRM deployment is to find out the customer relationship needs of stakeholders, said Rick McCutcheon, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP, in a recent webinar for Jibe365.

“When you first sit down you don’t even talk about CRM,” said McCutcheon adding that CRM really now is a customer relationship tool.

When you know how to satisfy your staff and you can build a system that provides that satisfaction, then you are well on the way to user adoption, said McCutcheon.

Different people within an organization have different needs. The needs of customer service, IT, sales, hr, and C-level management all have to be incorporated in a CRM’s satisfaction plan.

For sales management, one of the largest user adoption trends within Microsoft Dynamics CRM use these days is the gamification add-on Fantasy Sales Team.

Consider the sales rooms who keep a white board with totals and targets to motivate staff to greatness through competition. Trouble often is, the board is not kept up in real time, not all purchases are recorded and there’s often no incentive even to check results beyond perhaps a weekly update.

Imagine the same scenario, but with real time results, available to all electronically via the CRM. And by the way, the chance of chalkboard miscalculation diminishes too, when playing electronically.

The Forrester research showed defining business process alignment, reinforced executive sponsorship and strong data management as the next wave of key best practises. If all these are aligned and considered, then they too contribute to user adoption.

There’s no better way to propel user adoption than strong results and proven ROI. When that becomes apparent, then you’re well on the way to acknowledging the power of a repeatable automated sales process and a continuous drive toward a CRM culture.

Jibe Cloud Services (Jibe365) is a Microsoft Partner and a Cynergies Solutions Group company focused on helping our customers achieve a world-class business solution that can help reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes that nurture customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. For more on Jibe365 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM please email info@Jibe365.com


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